Class Recording and Video Policy

Because of the possibility that some students may have to isolate or quarantine due to COVID, for the fall semester, each doctrinal class, with some exceptions, will be recorded and made available to all students registered for that class. These recordings will allow those students unable to attend classes to review course material they missed while ill or self-isolating at home.

This recording requirement will not apply to clinical classes, CLR (either JD or LLM), negotiations classes, ITA simulation classes, trial practice classes, or Practicum classes, all of which are developing their own approaches to the possibility of students’ missing classes due to COVID. A handful of doctrinal classes whose structure does not lend itself to effective course recordings will also take a different approach. If a doctrinal class will not be recorded pursuant to a granted exception, the faculty will notify students at the start of the term.

Please note that the availability of these recordings is not a substitute for class attendance. Both the Law School and the ABA mandate regular attendance in all law school courses.

Sharing, publishing, distributing, or tampering with the recordings in any way constitutes a violation of the Northwestern Law Honor Code Section 2(g) (“A violation occurs when a student knowingly… engages in any conduct with the purpose of avoiding or circumventing other law school rules governing academic life;”). Any suspected violation will be fully investigated by the Dean of Students.