Additional Bar Support Resources for Graduating JD Students

April 17, 2024

Dear Colleagues, 

As the academic year comes to a close, we look forward to celebrating our graduating students in a few weeks at the Chicago Theater on their milestone accomplishment and we send our best wishes to all of our students on exams. We also want to share an important update on bar support resources for our graduating JD students. 

Throughout the past academic year, one of our top priorities has been continuing to build academic and bar support resources for students. In addition to launching our new Writing Lab, our Academic and Bar Support Working Group has been exploring further ways to enhance student resources. As we just shared with our graduating JD students, I am delighted to announce that as we continue to provide bar stipends for all public interest students and grow our individual support for students, we also will be piloting a Scales of Justice Study Hall five days a week this summer to help our JD graduates prepare for the July 2024 bar exam. 

The Scales of Justice Study Hall, which we will pilot this year, will provide a quiet, dedicated space to study as well as an opportunity to collaborate with friends and colleagues. It also will help those studying to organize their time, provide some accountability, and minimize distractions. Perhaps most importantly, we will staff this Study Hall with accomplished bar exam tutors who can provide mini lessons, answers questions, work through problems, and additional guidance.  

Please join me in thanking co-chairs Associate Deans Spies Roth and Rebstock, as well as Working Group members Associate Dean Zach Clopton, Clinical Professor of Law and Director Michelle Falkoff, Clinical Professor of Law and Director Meredith Geller, Assistant Dean David M Diamond, Assistant Dean Jocelyn Francoeur, Associate Dean Darnell Hines, Vice Dean Emily Kadens, COO Shericka D Pringle, and Interim Associate Dean Samantha Woo for their efforts in developing this new resource for our students. 

We look forward to the continued input of students on what academic and bar resources will be most helpful to them, and we anticipate continuing to develop additional resources moving forward. 

Hari Osofsky