A Response to Immigration Orders from Dean Rodriguez

January 30, 2017

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez issued the following statement to members of the Northwestern Law community: 

The note from President Schapiro describes the ways in which Northwestern University will support our students from the affected countries as they navigate the difficult issues concerning the impact of the current Executive Order. As he mentions, the Order is the subject of ongoing litigation and it remains to be seen what exactly will be its scope and validity going forward.

Whatever the next chapters in this rapid evolution of federal immigration policy reveal, I believe it is important for our Law School to make crystal clear our unequivocal support for our affected students and colleagues. We have students from the countries on the ban list in our Law School programs and we aspire to welcome more students to the Law School from these countries. Diversity and inclusion have been hallmarks of the Northwestern Law Difference for many years; and so, too, has been our commitment to human rights and social justice. The extraordinary acts of the new administration represent a deep threat to the ideals and objectives of our Law School and the community members who make up its heart and its soul. Let us use this difficult time to come together in tolerance and in the welcoming spirit which defines and renews us. 

Northwestern Law will stand in solidarity with our students and their families from the affected countries on the administration’s ban list, and also with individuals and families affected by the putative border wall. And, too, we will stand in solidarity with our foreign students from every country across the world, without prejudice and with understanding and compassion.