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Information Privacy Seminar

Information Privacy Seminar -- Economic interests, the Internet and national security concerns have resulted in personal information becoming a commodity to be gathered, packaged, marketed, or used for investigative purposes often without regard for, or even the participation of the information subject. New mechanisms for both gathering and disseminating personal information, and new technologies that can both reduce and increase informational privacy have been developed ahead of the ability of the law to effectively regulate these activities. This two credit seminar will explore a number of the law and policy issues in the gathering and use of personal information and the protection of privacy. We will explore these issues in a number of contexts, including privacy and public records, privacy of health and genetic information, database development, privacy and law enforcement, privacy and national security, anonymity, workplace privacy, and international privacy law. We will look at privacy-related legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act, HIPPA, and the CAN-SPAM Act, and the technology of privacy including RFID and other chip technologies, the implications of social networking, the NSA's data mining activities, and the Human Genome project. Registration Requirements:Upper division (2L or 3L), no other pre-requisites. Evaluation Methods: There are four projects that students will work on throughout the Semester. Students will be expected to complete an extensive writing assignment and prepare an in-class presentation on a topic related to information access or policy. Students will also be required to report on the information available from and disclosure requirements of a government or private sector entity by seeking information about themselves. Students will also be assigned one or two class sessions as discussion leaders. Finally, students will draft litigation documents and make an oral argument in a hypothetical privacy case. The grade for this seminar will be based on the research paper including the presentation of the paper (60%); the case study project (20%); the personal information inquiry (5%); and participation in class, including sessions where you are the discussion leader (15%). Class Materials: Required Textbook: Solove & Schwartz, Information Privacy Law, 4th ed., ISBN 978-0-7355-1040-1. Other readings will be posted to Canvas or handed outs

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Additional Course Information: Not a lottery course

Course History

Spring 2022
Title: Information Privacy Seminar
Section: SF     Credits: 1.3
Capacity: 28     Actual: 16

Spring 2021
Title: Information Privacy Seminar
Section: SF     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 30     Actual: 7