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Applied AI in HealthTech

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as the biggest game-changer in the Healthcare Industry. In the first 3 sessions of this course, we will analyze and develop systematic frameworks to assess the business value as well as the legal, ethical and regulatory risks of the key AI-data enabled healthcare strategies--to save time, lives and money. We will cover disruptive company case examples and explain the so-called “Deep Medicine” scenarios revolutionizing the highly active venture-capital funded sectors of • Virtual Assistants, Therapy Bots and Carebots for Elder Care • Medical Imaging and Diagnostics • Patient Data and Risk Analytics The fourth and last day of the session will be a hands-on Applied AI NLP (Natural Language Processing) Chatbot Bootcamp. We will use Google Design Sprint techniques to design and prototype a mobile healthcare chatbot (Snatchbot) and then explain its value proposition and usage in a 2-3 minute video pitch (Powtoons). No coding or technical background required since we’ll be using a free drag and drop mobile chatbot builder and video editor. Your team pitch and demo will be presented in class for voting and winning fun prizes.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 911-0
Additional Course Information: MSL students only

Course History

Spring 2022
Title: Applied AI in HealthTech
Faculty: Shuen, Amy Anne
Section: 1ON     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 50     Actual: 10

Spring 2021
Title: Applied AI in HealthTech
Faculty: Shuen, Amy Anne
Section: 1     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 40     Actual: 5