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Business & Corporate Strategy in Action

This course covers strategy in business and corporations, including industry analysis and competitive advantage, value chain analysis and distinctive capabilities, competitive dynamics and blue ocean strategy, as well as digital and on-demand platform business models. We will practice our strategic thinking and strategy toolbox by competing in teams in a realistic strategy online simulation game. Like a strategy “escape-the-room-game”, teams must make time-constrained strategic decisions to build their high-performance company and adapt to their virtual world market and competition. By the end of the course, students will have analyzed and gained new strategic insight into real world cases, while testing their strategic and implementation skills in bringing their own company from zero to profitable virtual world domination. Students will be evaluated by individual class participation, worksheets and a take-home essay exam as well as team performance, lab report and final presentation.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 908-0
Additional Course Information: MSL students only

Course History

Fall 2020
Title: Business & Corporate Strategy in Action
Faculty: Shuen, Amy Anne
Section: 1-ON     Credits: 1.5
Capacity: 50     Actual: 16