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Regina Schwartz, Professor of Literature, Religion, and Law at Northwestern University, writes on questions of justice. She has authored a book on John Milton’s theodicy and poetics, Remembering and Repeating: On Milton’s theology and Poetics (Cambridge, rpt Chicago, winner of the Milton Society of America’s James Holly Hanford’s Book Award). Her The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism (Chicago), calls attention to the cultural uses of scripture to endorse violence.

She edited the collection The Book and the Text, The Bible and Literary Theory (Blackwell) and co-edited The Postmodern Bible (Yale) which helped to broaden approaches to the Bible toward interdisciplinarity, and she edited a volume, Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature and Theology Approach the Beyond (Routledge), on the place of transcendence in philosophy from Kant to Levinas, in literature, including Shakespeare and Kafka, and in theology, ranging from negative theology to sacramentalism. With Valeria Finucci, she edited Desire in the Renaissance (Princeton), essays that focus on the inner life in English and Italian literature. Her forthcoming book, When God Left the World: Sacramentality at the Dawn of Secularism (Stanford University Press, 2006) explores the ways a sacramental vision and its understanding of justice infuses the poetry, drama, and the wider culture of Reformation. Recent essays include “Justice and Law in the Merchant of Venice,” Triquarterly, Spring, “Grave Images” in The Place of Theology in the Liberal State and Globalized World and “Revelation and Revolution” in Theology and the Political. Her current work is Equity, Mercy, and Charity in Shakespeare. She is a past President of the Milton Society of America, co-Director of the Newberry Milton Seminar and the Director of the Northwestern University Justice Institute.

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Selected Publications

  • Sacramental Poetics at the Dawn Of Secularism: When God Left the World (Stanford University Press 2008).
  • Law and Love in Merchant of Venice, in Practising Equity, Addressing Law: Equity In Law And Literature, edited by Daniela Carpi (Universit√§tsverlag Winter 2008).
  • Othello and the Horizon of Justice , in Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature, And Theology Approach The Beyond, edited by Regina M. Schwartz (Routledge 2004).
  • Othello and the Horizon of Justice, in Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature, And Theology, edited by Regina Schwartz (New York: Routledge 2004).
  • Revelation and Revolution, in Theology And The Political, edited by Creston Davis (Duke University Press 2005).
  • Revelation and Idolatry: Holy Law and Holy Terror.

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  • PhD, University of Virginia

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