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April 2023


Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet & Richard Moberly, Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy: Vol. I / Cases (7th ed. 2023).

Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet & Richard Moberly, Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy: Vol. II / Problems (7th ed. 2023).

Leonard L. Riskin, Managing Conflict Mindfully: Don’t Believe Everything You Think (2023).


Periodical Articles

Vladimir A. Atanasov, Paula Natalia Barreto Parra, Jeffrey Whittle, John Meurer, Benjamin Weston, Qian Luo, Andy Yuan, Lorenzo Franchi, Ruohao Zhang & Bernard Black, Selection Effects and COVID-19 Mortality Risk after Pfizer vs. Moderna Vaccination: Evidence from Linked Mortality and Vaccination Records, 11 Vaccines 971 (2023).

María Amparo Grau Ruiz, Fincas Rústicas: Propuesta para la Admisibildad de su Dación en Pago y Revisión de Medidas Tributarias Autonómicas para el Mejor Aprovechamiento de los Bienes Inmuebles en el Sector Agroforestal [Rural Properties: Proposal for the Admissibility of Their Transfer to the Public Finance in Lieu of Payment of Taxes and Revision of Regional Tax Measures for a Better Use of Real Estate in the Agroforestry Sector], Revista Técnica Tributaria [Technical Tax Review], 1st Trimester, 2023, at 7.

Heidi Kitrosser, Stopping the Presses: National Security Meets Freedom of Speech, Judicature, Spring 2022, at 92.

John O. McGinnis, The Contextual Textualism of Justice Alito, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy Per Curiam (Spring 2023).

Nadav Shoked, Annexation’s Long Good-Bye, 50 Fordham Urban Law Journal 739 (2023).


Contributions to Books

María Amparo Grau Ruiz, Empleo y Robótica: La Legitimidad de Adopter Medidas Extrafiscales para la Urgente Capacitación Tecnológica Funcional [Employment and Robotics: The Legitimacy of Adopting Extra-Fiscal Measures for Urgent Functional Technology Training], in 1 Congreso Interuniversitario OIT Sobre Justicia Social, Trabajo Decente y Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible [International Labour Organization Inter-University Congress on Social Justice, Decent Work and Sustainable Development Goals] 124 (Yolanda Sánchez-Urán Azaña et al., eds. 2023).


Op-Eds/Blog Posts/Popular Press

Zachary Clopton & Steve Art, “Opinion: How to Fill Dianne Feinstein’s Seat If She Resigns? The Constitution Offers a Clear Answer,” Los Angeles Times (Apr. 27, 2023).

David M. Crane, Irwin Cotler & David Scheffer, “Working Together Toward Accountability: How the International Criminal Court and a Special Tribunal on Aggression Can Work Together on the Ukraine Conflict,” JURIST (Apr. 19, 2023).

Andrew Koppelman, “Stanford Law Students’ Infantile Protests,” Chronicle of Higher Education (Apr. 3, 2023).

Andrew Koppelman, “The Anti-Vax Tribalism of Republican Judges,” The Hill (Apr. 8, 2023).

Steven Lubet, “Will the Supreme Court Justices Comply with New Rules on Gift Disclosure?,” The Hill (Apr. 5, 2023).

Steven Lubet, “The Supreme Court Has No Code of Conduct: It’s Starting to Show,” The Hill (Apr. 13, 2023).

John O. McGinnis, “Chicago’s Hard-Left Choice,” City Journal (Apr. 5, 2023).

John O. McGinnis, “Religious Freedom Is for Everyone,” Law & Liberty (Apr. 6, 2023).

John O. McGinnis, “A Child’s Primer for Liberty,” Law & Liberty (Apr. 20, 2023).

Deborah Tuerkheimer, “The Importance of E. Jean Carroll’s Lawsuit Against Donald Trump,” New York Times (Apr. 25, 2023).

Xiao Wang, “It’s Time to Abandon (or Closely Monitor) Judicial Life Tenure,” U.S. Law Week (Apr. 17, 2023).


Working Papers

Dhruv Aggarwal, Albert H. Choi & Yoon-Ho Alex Lee, The Meme Stock Frenzy: Origins and Implications, 96 Southern California Law Review ___ (forthcoming), U of Michigan Law & Econ Research Paper No. 23-010, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 2023-08, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 2023-26 (2023).

Adam Chilton, Christopher Anthony Cotropia, Kyle Rozema & David L. Schwartz, Political Ideology and Judicial Administration: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic, ___ Journal of Law, Economics & Organization ___ (forthcoming), Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 22-20 (2022).

Matthew B. Kugler, Public Perceptions Can Guide Regulation of Public Facial Recognition, 25 Columbia Science & Technology Law Review ___ (forthcoming), Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 2023-27 (2023).