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August 2022


Arthur Willis, Philip F. Postlewaite & Jennifer and Alexander, Partnership Taxation: Abridged Student Edition (8th ed. 2022).


Periodical Articles

David A. Dana, Climate Change Adaptation as a Problem of Inequality and Possible Legal Reforms, 117 Northwestern University Law Review 71 (2022).

Erin F. Delaney, Review of Jamal Greene, How Rights Went Wrong: Why Our Obsession with Rights Is Tearing America Apart., 20 International Journal of Constitutional Law moac053 (2022).

Ajay K. Mehrotra, The Missing U.S. VAT: Economic Inequality, American Fiscal Exceptionalism, and the Historical U.S. Resistance to National Consumption Taxes, 117 Northwestern University Law Review 151 (2022).

Philip F. Postlewaite & Mitchell B. Weiss, Controlled Foreign Corporations–Part I, Taxes: The Tax Magazine, Sept. 2022, at 51.

Judith A. Rosenbaum, From the Editor in Chief, 29 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research & Writing 35 (2022).

Nadav Shoked, American Courts’ Image of a Tenant, 117 Northwestern University Law Review 251 (2022).


Op-Eds/Blog Posts/Popular Press

Zachary Clopton, “Zachary Clopton: Judges Will Not Save Us. Pushing for Truly Democratic Solutions Will.,” Chicago Tribune (Aug. 24, 2022).

Andrew Koppelman, “Religion and the Wrong Defense of Abortion Rights,” The Hill (Aug. 13, 2022).

Andrew Koppelman, “The Abortion Emergency in the Federal Courts,” The Hill (Aug. 28, 2022).

Sarah LawskyNumber of FAR Forms in First Distribution Over Time – 2022,” PrawfsBlawg (Aug. 18, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “Alex Jones’s Well-Deserved Reckoning,” The Hill (Aug. 10, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “University Professors’ Organization Misunderstands the Nature of Antisemitism,” The Hill (Aug. 24, 2022).

John O. McGinnis, “Prison Abolitionism and the Academy’s Decline,” Law & Liberty (Aug. 4, 2022).

John O. McGinnis, “Thinking Like a Republican Citizen,” Law & Liberty (Aug. 25, 2022).

Stephen B. Presser, “Overturn!,” Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (Aug. 1, 2022).

David Scheffer, “The Conflict in Syria and the Failure of International Law to Protect People Globally,” Leuven Transitional Justice Blog (Aug. 30, 2022).

Xiao Wang, “Xiao Wang: Direct Democracy Saved Abortion Rights in Kansas — but We’re not in Kansas Anymore,” Chicago Tribune (Aug. 19, 2022).


Working Papers

Bernard Black, Alex Hollingsworth, Leticia Nunes & Kosali Ilayperuma Simon, Simulated Power Analyses for Observational Studies: An Application to the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion, NBER Working Paper No. w25568 (2022).

Andrew Bradt, Zachary D. Clopton & D. Theodore Rave, Dissonance and Distress in Bankruptcy and Mass Torts, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 22-28, ___ Fordham Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2022).

Steven G. Calabresi, Gary Lawson & Elise Kostial, What McCulloch v. Maryland Got Wrong: The Original Meaning of ‘Necessary’ is Not ‘Useful,’ ‘Convenient,’ or ‘Rational, Boston Univ. School of Law Research Paper No. 24, 2022, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 22-25 (2022).

Paul A. Gowder, Is Criminal Law Unlawful?, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 22-27, ___ Michigan State Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2022).

Allan Horwich & Crista Brawley, Insider Trading in the Clinical Trial Setting, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 22-12 (2022).

Elizabeth Katz, Kyle Rozema & Sarath Sanga, Women in U.S. Law Schools, 1948-2021, SSRN (2022).