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April 2022


Lawrence A. Zelenak & Ajay K. Mehrotra, eds., A Half-Century with the Internal Revenue Code: The Memoirs of Stanley S. Surrey (2022).


Periodical Articles

Sheila A. Bedi, The Myths of Effective Law Enforcement and the Demand to Defund the Police, 17 Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 499 (2022).

Michael Kang, The Post-Trump Rightward Lurch in Election Law, 74 Stanford Law Review Online 55 (2022).

Alex Biedermann & Jonathan J. Koehler, Influence Diagrams for Complex Litigation, 62 Jurimetrics 131 (2022).

Maggie Gardner, Pamela K. Bookman, Andrew D. Bradt, Zachary D. Clopton & D. Theodore Rave, The False Promise of General Jurisdiction, 73 Alabama Law Review 455 (2022).

María Amparo Grau Ruiz, Fiscal Transformations Due to AI and Robotization: Where Do Recent Changes in Tax Administrations, Procedures and Legal Systems Lead Us?, 19 Northwestern Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property 325 (2022).

Leonard S. Rubinowitz & Michelle Shaw, Delayed Synergy: Challenging Housing Discrimination in Chicago in the Streets and in the Courts, 17 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 1 (2022).

Xiao Wang, Is Roe the New Miranda?, 13 California Law Review Online 1 (2022).


Op-Eds/Blog Posts/Popular Press

Leigh Buchanan Bienen, “Exit, Pursued by a Bear: Life and a Life in the Theatre,” TriQuarterly (Apr. 12, 2022).

Zachary D. Clopton, “Zachary Clopton: Judge’s Mask Decision Was Wrong, but Not Unconstitutional,” Chicago Tribune (Apr. 28, 2022).

Andrew Koppelman, “Bad Political Philosophy Can Kill You,” The Hill (Apr. 24, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “What Ketanji Brown Jackson Can Teach Clarence Thomas About Judicial Ethics,” The Hill (Apr. 5, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “The 21st Century Courts Act Would Help Restore Public Confidence in the Judiciary,” The Hill (Apr. 20, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “Judge’s Decision to Scrap Mask Mandate Rests on Her Tortured Misreading of One Word,” NBC News (Apr. 22, 2022).

John O. McGinnis, “Originalism for the Common Good,” Law & Liberty (Apr. 28, 2022).

Cary Nelson & Steven Lubet, “The AAUP Explains Antisemitism and Gets It Wrong,” Inside Higher Ed (Apr. 27, 2022).

David Tuller & Steven Lubet, “Cowboys Need Healthcare Too,” MedPage Today (Apr. 19, 2022).


Working Papers

Joshua Kleinfeld & Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, Social Trust in Criminal Justice: A Metric, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 22-16 (2022).