The Bluhm Legal Clinic Advisory Board is dedicated to sustaining the Clinic and advancing it as a top tier leader in clinical legal education. Working in concert with the dean of the Law School and the associate dean for Clinical Education, the Advisory Board will:

  • Help set strategic direction for the Clinic's various centers and programs
  • Advocate for the Legal Clinic and the Law School among legal professionals, business community leaders, and the general public
  • Partner with faculty and staff to raise funds from individual alumni, friends of the Law School, corporations, and foundations

Please see Page 20 of the Fall 2013 issue of the Northwestern Law Reporter (pdf) for more details about the launch of the Bluhm Legal Clinic Advisory Board.

Board Members

Co-Chair: Terri Mascherin (JD '84)
Co-Chair: Christopher Lind (JD '94)
AnaVictoria Avila (JD '18)
Myles Berman (JD '83)
Meredith Bluhm-Wolf (JD '95)
Melody Carlisle (JD LLM-IHR '16)
Hon. Ruben Castillo (JD '79)
Angela Daker (JD ’98)
Mac Deason (JD '67)
Kelly Deere (JD '92)
Carl Evans (JD-MBA '11)
Amy Kaplan (JD '97)
Ivy Lewis (JD '85)
Ha Jin Lin (Tessa) (JD '15)
Ghassan Shamieh (JD '16)
Kelyn Smith (JD '19)
Richard Trobman (JD '91)
Angela Vigil (JD '95)
Eric White (JD '12)
Lawrence Wojcik (JD ’77)
Sarah Wolff (JD ’78)
Samantha Woo (JD ’12)


For more information on the Bluhm Legal Clinic Advisory Board, please contact Sarah Zimmerman at 312.503.1768.