Legal Eagles

Want to wrap your head around the federal court system's decision to deny Brendan freedom by a single vote?

Welcome to our Legal Eagles page, where you can read all of Brendan's major court filings and opinions – including the federal appellate opinion calling his interrogation "death by a thousand cuts" and the six blockbuster friend-of-the-court briefs about false confessions that were submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court on his behalf.

Supreme Court Documents

Petition for Writ of Certiorari, February 2018

American Psychological Association, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Current and Former Prosecutors, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Law Enforcement Instructors and Consultants, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Innocence Network, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Juvenile Law Experts, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Criminal Law Professors, Amicus Brief, March 2018

Appellate Documents

Appallent Brief, August 2016

Appellee Brief, December 2016

Appallent Petition for En Banc Review, July 2017

Appellee Response to Petition for En Banc Review, July 2017 


7th Circuit Panel Decision, June 2017

7th Circuit Order Granting En Banc Review, August 2017

 7th Circuit En Banc Decision, December 2017

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