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A New World Order: the Role of the United Nations in Advancing the Rule of Law and Human Rights
Abolition and the Law of Violence
Abortion Seminar
Access to Justice in the U.S. & the Developing World
Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)
Administrative Law
Advanced Bankruptcy
Advanced Commercial Contracts for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups
Advanced Contracts: Practical Aspects
Advanced Evidence
Advanced Federal Jurisdiction
Advanced International Corporate Tax Transactions
Advanced Legal Reasoning: Federal Sentencing
Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Legal Writing (LLM)
Advanced Legal Writing: Argument, Advocacy, Drafting
Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for the Court
Advanced Negotiation Workshop
Advanced Partnership Taxation
Advanced Taxation of Property Transactions
Advanced Trial Practice
AI and Legal Reasoning
Along the Regulatory Frontier: New Issues and Emerging Technologies
ALW: Introduction to Judicial Writing
American Indian Law
American Legal Studies:Civil Procedure
American Legal Studies:Con Law
Animal and Food Law and Policy Seminar
Anti-Discrimination Law
Antitrust Law
Antitrust Law
Appellate Advocacy
Applied AI in HealthTech
Arbitration in the United States
Assessing AI & Computational Technologies
Assessing Emerging AI and Computational Technologies
Authenticity in Legal Practice
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Basics of Contract Drafting
Bioethics and the Law
Biometric Technologies, Law & Policy
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
Bus Integrity, Values & Comp
Business & Corporate Strategy in Action
Business Analytics
Business and Human Rights
Business Associations
Business Associations
Business Associations II
Business Combinations
Business Formation & Structure
Business Internship
Business Planning
Business Strategy & Frameworks
Business Strategy (Law)
Business Torts
Cannabis Law, Business, and Policy
Cases in New Venture Strategies
Chicago’s Gun Violence Epidemic
Civil Litigation Process: Procedure & Remedies
Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure II
Civil Rights Lawyering Seminar
Classical Athenian Law
Clean Energy
Client Strategies
Climate Change: Law & Policy
Clinic Juvenile Justice Pre-Trial, Trial, Appeal and Post-Dispositional / Post-Conviction Advocacy
Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
Clinic Practice: Immigration Law
Clinic Practice: Center on Wrongful Convictions
Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
Clinic Practice: Tenant Advocacy
Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
Clinic Practice: Women and Children's Human Rights Advocacy
Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
Clinic: DPELC Entrepreneurship Law
Clinic: Federal Appellate Practice
Clinic: International Human Rights Advocacy
Clinic: Movement Lawyering
Clinic: Second Chances for Youth: Decarceration, Diversion and Post-Sentencing Advocacy
Colloquium: Advanced Topics in Taxation
Colloquium: Climate Change
Colloquium: International Human Rights
Colloquium: Law and Economics
Colloquium: Legal History
Colloquium: Public Law
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions and Payment Systems
Common Law Reasoning
Communication and Legal Reasoning I
Communication and Legal Reasoning II
Company Law Engagement Seminar
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar
Comparative Law
Complex Civil Litigation - The Judicial Perspective
Conflict of Laws
Consolidated Returns
Constitutional Controversy in the Public Arena
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law
Contemporary Problems in Complex Litigation
Contemporary Problems In Criminal Procedure
Contemporary Supreme Court Cases
Contract Drafting
Contract Law
Contract Law
Contracts (LLM)
Contracts II: Complex Commercial Contracting
Contracts II: UCC Article 2
Controlled Foreign Corporations
Copyright Law
Corporate Criminal Law
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance II
Corporate Governance
Corporate Reorganizations
Corporate Restructuring: Bankruptcy Reorganizations
Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
Corporate Taxation (LLM Tax)
Creating Change as a Lawyer
Crime and Criminology
Criminal Law
Criminal Process
Criminal Trial Practice
Critical Race Theory
Critical Theory/Critical Lawyering
Data Breach Notification
Data in Society
Data Privacy: Law, Regulation & Application
Data Privacy: How to Help Corporate Clients with Compliance and Privacy Program Management
Data Science, Business, and Responsibility
Data Security Regulation: Data Breaches and Beyond
Digital Data: Privacy, Policy & Governance
Digital Evidence & Data Governance in the Litigation Process
Disability Law
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution in Sports
Divisive Reorganizations and Separations
Dynamics of the Cannabis Industry: Past, Present & Future
Economic Analysis of Corp. Securities Law
Economic Analysis of Law
Effective Professional Communication
Election Law
Emerging Entertainment
Emerging Issues in Biotech & Food
Employment Discrimination
Employment Law
Employment Law
Employment Law
Entertainment Industry Labor Law and Policy
Entertainment Law and Business
Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
Entrepreneurship Culture: Innovation, Teams, and the Law
Entrepreneurship Lab: Part I
Entrepreneurship Lab: Part II
Entrepreneurship Law
Entrepreneurship Law
Entrepreneurship Law in Entertainment
Entrepreneurship: Building Innovation, Teams, and Cultures
Environmental Law
Environmental Law
Environmental Law
Environmental Taxation
ERISA and Employee Benefits
Estate and Gift Tax
Estate Planning
Estates and Trusts
Ethics and Law in STEM-Related Fields
European Union Taxation
Evidence (ITA)
Executive Compensation
Fair Housing Basics
Family Law
Federal Civil Discovery
Federal Income Taxation
Federal Jurisdiction
Federalist Papers
Feminist Jurisprudence
Finance I
Financial and Emerging Tech
Financial Institution Compliance
Fintech Law & Regulation
First Amendment
Food Policy and Regulation
Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Research
Forensic Science
Fourteenth Amendment
Gaming Law & Regulation
Global Exchange Study
Global Freedom of Expression and the Press
Global Product Development
Global Transactions & Compliance
Health and Human Rights
Health Informatics: Practical Data Applications
Health Law
Health Law
Healthcare Finance
Healthcare Law & Regulation: Federal
Healthcare Law & Regulation: State
Healthcare Policy Seminar
High-Tech Business Strategy
Historical Legacies: Race, Gender and Criminalization
Historical Perspectives on Ethical Lawyering and the Regulation of Lawyers
History of American Public and Regulatory Law
History of Economic Regulation
Human Rights Advocacy: Legal Analysis and Writing
Human Trafficking
Ideas of the First Amendment
Immigration Law
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
Independent Study
Information Privacy Seminar
Innovation Lab
Insider Trading
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Fundamentals
Intellectual Property Investments and Capital Markets: A Global Perspective
Intellectual Property Litigation: Pretrial Skills
Intellectual-Property Strategy and Business Implications for Companies
Intensive Clinical Practice
Intensive Practicum
Intensive Practicum Seminar
Internal Corporate Investigations
International & Comparative IP
International Bankruptcy
International Business and National Security Law Seminar
International Business Law & Negotiations
International Business Law Negotiation
International Business Transactions
International Criminal Law
International Environmental Law
International Estate Planning
International Externship Field Placement
International Externship Seminar
International HR Law: Differing Perspectives, Europe, the Americas, US
International Human Rights Law
International Investment
International Law
International Law: the Law of War
International Litigation
International Project Finance
International Securities Law
International Taxation
International Taxation of Partnerships
International Team Project
Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements
Introduction to IP Licensing
Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency Defense
Introduction to Marketing Analytics
Introduction to Securities Regulation
Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Taxation: Business Income
Introduction to Trial Advocacy
Introduction to Trial Advocacy (International Track)
Investigation, Prosecution and Defense of Tax Crimes
Investment Banking and Private Equity
IP Strategy & Management
IP Valuation
Issues in Health & Human Rights
JDPhD Workshop
Jurisprudence: Foundational Questions of Law and Lawyering
Justice, Equity, and Opportunity: Shifting Approaches to Criminal Justice Reform
Labor Law
Land Use and Local Government
Launching and Leading Startups
Law & Information Technology Seminar
Law and Education
Law and Leadership
Law and Leadership
Law and Literature
Law and Regulatory Policy along the Frontier
Law and Religion
Law and Rhetoric
Law and Social Change
Law and Society
Law and the Creative Industries
Law of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Law Practice Field Studies
Law Practice in Hi-Tech Industries
Law, Advocacy & Public Persuasion
Law, Advocacy & Public Persuasion II
Law, Finance, and Institutions
Law, Health Policy, & Science in the COVID-19 Crisis
Lawyer Memoirs
Leading in the Law
Legal & Regulatory Process
Legal Epistemology
Legal Ethics
Legal Ethics
Legal Ethics (ITA)
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Legal Ethics for Business Lawyers
Legal Ethics for Litigators
Legal Ethics for Public Interest and Government Lawyers
Legal Ethics in a Global Legal Practice
Legal Ethics in Motion
Legal History Colloquium
Legal History Workshop
Legal Issues in COVID-19 Crisis
Legal Operations
Legal Technology
Liberalism and Its Critics
Litigation, Crises and Strategic Communications
Local Government Law
M&A and Shareholder Litigation
Managing Privacy & Cybersecurity for Corporate Actors
Mass Incarceration
Media and Entertainment Law
Mediation and Advocacy
Medical Devices: Regulation & Compliance
Medical Innovation I
Medical Innovation II
Mental Health and the Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Music Law and Business
Mutual Fund Regulation
Name, Image, and Likeness in Sports
Narrative Structures: Law, Literature, Journalism, Film
Natural Resources
Negotiating a Joint Venture in China
Negotiating with Tactical Empathy
Negotiation [Executive LLM Tel Aviv]
Negotiation Skills & Strategies
Negotiation Workshop
Originalism: Theory and Practice
Partnership Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
Partnership Tax (LLM Tax)
Patent Landscape Analysis Using Natural Language Processing
Patent Law
Patent Law
Patent Preparation & Prosecution Workshop
Patent Preparation & Prosecution Workshop II: Advanced Topics
Patenting Software Inventions
Persuasion: Writing Across Disciplines
Persuasion:Writing Across Disc
Planning and Designing a Distressed Corporate Restructuring
Policing Chicago’s Communities:Examining historical & current practices & analyzing for reform
Poverty Law
Practical Issues in Business Law
Practicum: Civil Government
Practicum: Corporate Counsel
Practicum: Judicial
Practicum: Judicial
Practicum: Mediation Practice
Practicum: Corporate Counsel
Practicum: Criminal Law
Practicum: Entertainment, Media and Sports Law
Practicum: High Tech
Practicum: Media Law and Government Transparency
Practicum: Public Interest Law
Presentation Design & Visual Storytelling
Presidential Power and the Law
Pre-Trial Advocacy
Prisons and Prisoners' Rights
Privacy Law
Privacy Law and Regulation
Private Equity
Private Equity Transactions
Pro Bono in Large Law Firms
Product Management for Technology Companies
Professional Responsibility in Legal Writing
Project Management for Regulated Industries
Public Company Mergers and Acquisitions
Public Corruption & the Law
Public Persuasion Skills and Strategies
Quantitative Reasoning in the Law
Quantitative Reasoning in the Law
Race, Law, and Capitalism
Refugees and Asylum
RegTech: Transforming the Interaction of Regulators, Regulated Enterprises, and Markets
Regulatory Compliance: Product Approval & Life Cycle Issues
Regulatory Policy
Regulatory Strategy & Communication
Reproductive Justice Seminar
Research in Law, Business & Technology
Research in Law, Business & Technology I
Research in Law, Business & Technology II
Restorative Justice Seminar
Restorative Justice, Community Building, and Practice
S Corporations and Other Specially Taxed Entities
Saving the News: First Amendment and Media Policy
Scholarly Writing Workshop
Securities Regulation
Securities Regulation: Enforcement & Liability
Securitization Law
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law
Spanish for Lawyers
Sports Law and Business
State and Local Taxation
State Constitutional Law
Strategic Decision Analysis: Gaining Competitive Advantage in an Uncertain World
Structuring Transactions: Mergers and Acquisitions
Structuring Transactions: Real Estate
Structuring Transactions: Sports Law
Structuring Transactions: Environmental Law
Structuring Transactions: Financial Institutions
Structuring Transactions: International Investments
Summer Research Internship
Tax Accounting Seminar
Tax Aspects of Private Equity Transactions
Tax Audits, Appeals, and Litigation
Tax Excel Modeling
Tax Exempt Organizations
Tax Policy
Tax Procedure
Tax Research
Tax Treaties
Taxation of Debt Instruments and other Financial Transactions
Taxation of Property Transactions
Taxation of Structured Real Estate Transactions
Technology Standards: Strategic & Antitrust Considerations
Telecommunications and Internet Policy
The Business & Law of Venture Deals
The Business, Law, & Technology of Space Commerce
The Business, Law, and Technology of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
The Derivatives Markets and Legal Practice
The Evolving Role of the Law Department in the Modern Corporation and Legal Industry
The Law of Cross-Border Commerce
The Law of Racial & Social Justice Movements
The Law of Whistleblowing
The Legal Profession: Careers of Law Graduates
The Regulation of Money in Politics
The Strategy of Litigation
The Surveillance State
Therapeutic Criminal Justice
Topics in Government Secrecy
Trademarks and Deceptive Advertising
Transfer Pricing
Transgender Rights
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy ITA
Trial Team I
Trial Team II
U.S. International Taxation
U.S. Regulation: Design, Implementation, and Enforcement
Venture Capital and Early Stage Financing
Video Game Law
Visual Communication for Systemic Change
White Collar Criminal Practice
Women, Gender and Human Rights
Workshop: Space Commerce Team Project